Flying rabbit


Chinese name: Cafehare
Nickname: Coffee rabbit
Author: Yu Jinjiang
Date of birth: July 24
Constellation: Leo
Place of birth: Mysterious mushroom forest in Jamaica
Character: Lively, active, love life, and arrogant occasionally
Characteristics: Coffee rabbit wearing a pair of blue earphone
Interest: Holiday travel, see movies, go shopping, and sing the song
Ideal: Travel around the world with the person he likes
Happy thing: have a rest for 30 days in one month
Favorite food: Coffee, mushroom and ice candy
Wish: Have magical power

昵  稱:咖啡兔
作  者:于進江
生  日:7月24日
星  座:獅子座
性  格:活潑、好動、愛生活,偶爾自大
特  點:戴著一副藍色耳機的咖啡色兔子
興  趣:度假旅游、看電影、購物、K歌
理  想:和喜歡的人一起環游世界

Magic cat


Magic power cat
Name: Magic power cat
Author: Yu Jinjiang
Year of birth: 2003
Identity: Mascot of "Design City" sponsored in Shenzhen
Characteristics: Round and big brain, logy eyes, and big mouth
Character: Sincere and brave, and innocent and lovely
Hobby: Help others, think and be in a daze
Dream: The world is highly free, peaceful and quiet "Utopia".
Resume: Born in the city of originality-Shenzhen in 2003, and represent the first original cartoon image and designer brand in China;
Successfully sponsor the "Design City" on behalf of Shenzhen;
Successfully sponsor 2011 World University Games on behalf of Shenzhen City in 2005;
Invited to visit the "Design City" activity of United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization on behalf of Shenzhen ICIF in 2008

名    稱:魔力貓
作    者:于進江
身    份:深圳申辦“設計之都”吉祥物
特    征:圓圓的大腦袋,眼光呆呆,大大的嘴巴
性    格:真誠勇敢、天真可愛
愛    好:幫助他人、思考、發呆
夢    想:世界是一個高度自由,和平、寧靜的“烏托邦”
履    歷:2003年出生在創意之都深圳,中國首個原創卡通形象和設計師品牌;
代表深圳成功申辦 “設計之都”;